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New work from 2017: Capricornos ... Marble - studio shots Italy... 

More new work - Reaching, 2017 ... (Capricorno)

Vanessa mit Erdschnake! 2015

"The Rule of Law is a Reflection of Us All" is a new sculpture by John Greer for the McMurtry Gardens of Justice. As part of Intercontinental Sculpture Inc. Vanessa did the successful Project Management for this work. Realized in 6 weeks by Mauro Marmi Inc. in Vallecchia / Pietrasanta, Italy.

From left to right:

John Greer, Daniza Garbati, Vanessa Paschakarnis, Mauro Fracassini.

Folded Moth, 2017 

Interview with CBC TV for the evening news! ;o)

Group Exhibition:

Flatbed Press, Austin, TX USA: New Editions and Monotypes: October 14th, 2014 - February 10th, 2015

"Nebula" 2013 Printed at Flatbed Press
"Moth" 2013 Printed at Flatbed Press

Vanessa Paschakarnis is Co-Owner of Intercontinental Sculpture Inc.

She was Project Manager for the Canadian Building Trades Unions  Monument and here is her moment of glory - being photographed with Justin Trudeau as part of the Design Team. It was unveiled on May 16th, 2017 in Ottawa, Ontario.


National Gallery of Canada,

My work Shadows for Humans is in the permanent collection:


Shadows for Humans at the National Gallery of Canada
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