Vanessa Paschakarnis, Sculptor / Bildhauerin / Scultrice

Our skin is a barrier, a shell, it is what protects us from the world around us while it allows us to breathe and take in what we need to live.

Moths appear to be all skin – folded wings that merge with a wall or a flat surface to rest and take off in flight with the blink of an eye.

The skin of a carved surface starts talking about the beauty of slight imperfections and the way a fold comes into being from a flat surface. In the scale of the palm of our hand a thin stone surface, richly veined, shows the subtle disguise of blood flowing and tears rolling and sunshine kissing. Have you every had a moth sit very still on your hand? A fragile wonder of camouflage, folding up to merge with your skin before it flutters away, looking for the brightest spot in a dark and starry night…


Vanessa Paschakarnis


... as published in the book "Out of the Bush Garden", curated by Francesca Valente for Imago Mundi.

New work from 2017: Capricornos ... Marble - studio shots Italy... 

More new work - Reaching, 2017 ... (Capricorno)

Vanessa mit Erdschnake! 2015

Folded Moth, 2017 

Interview with CBC TV for the evening news! ;o)

Group Exhibition:

Flatbed Press, Austin, TX USA: New Editions and Monotypes: October 14th, 2014 - February 10th, 2015

"Nebula" 2013 Printed at Flatbed Press
"Moth" 2013 Printed at Flatbed Press


National Gallery of Canada,

My work Shadows for Humans is in the permanent collection:


Shadows for Humans at the National Gallery of Canada
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