on form 20

on form 20 is held in 2020 - due to the worldwide pendamic unfortunately only online! Stay tuned for images to come....

opening June 13th and on view online until September 12, 2020.

All work is for sale - during the exhibition exclusively through on form 20:


Bestia Romana, 2009

Travertine, Statuario Marble, 183cm x 96cm x 100cm


The “Bestia Romana” is a heavy solid piece with horns permanently glued in. The presence of this sculpture emphasizes the duality of nature through it’s permanence on the on hand and it’s lightness and unpredictability here represented by the white horns that sling around the beast’s head without ever touching it, on the other hand. The original shape forces you to circumnavigate the sculpture as it is unpredictable in its form. “Bestia Romana” gets its name from the large block of Roman Travertine that it towers upon with pride and presence.


Falena d’Oro 1, 2019 

Egyptian Marble, 90cm x 63cm x 3.5cm 


A moth is a creature of the night, that when bathed in golden light, either merges with the surface it finds itself on, or starts unfolding, soaring into the night to find light.


Falena d’Oro 2, 2019

Egyptian Marble, 100cm x 70cm x 4cm


Here the moth is like an origami folded piece of paper. Yet the surface bears marks and scratches alluding to it being a tender shield on the wall, before being the delicate creature of the night.


Luna d’Oro, 2019 

Egyptian Marble, 48cm x 50cm x 3cm


This small shield based on a flat seashell bears a band of marks, delineating its shape. Its golden colour reminds of the moon in a night sky.


Horned Being, (Bestia Umana) 2020

Bardiglio Marble, Portuguese Marble, 184cm x 70cm x 60cm


The horns of this sculpture are fitted with tapered pins, so that they can be removed easily.

In this sculpture I am pulling the animal head literally out of the block. The sculpture stands as high as a human and the horns could be like long arms lifting to create a creature that is over towering. The sculpture is an “awesome” reminder of the human will, being a wild thing, something we should care for with “awe”.


The Shield, 2020

White Italian Marble, 183cm x 150cm x 12cm


“The Shield” is carved of a particularly strong white Italian marble from the Canaloni quarry above Carrara. Its grain is so tight, that it rings like a bell. It is mounted on a tapered pin that allows it to be free standing with a stainless plate fastened beneath the surface. It swivels easy when moved by the touch of a human hand. The Shield is a continuation of a series of sculptures that are part of my essential body of work. It refers back to a seashell, the sand dollar, found on the shore. It’s detailing reflects on a core and two halves, thus creating a presence that is fragile, yet embracing us as a thing.

Blue Moon, 2010 was exhibited at Sculpture Today: New Forces, New Forms; 2011/2012 at the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
Vanessa with her "Bestia Romana", 2009
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