Vanessa Paschakarnis, 2007

Solo exhibition Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, Grand Rapids, MI USA

Installation Views

[Photos: Courtesy of Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park and Vanessa Paschakarnis] 

Drawing for Celestial Bell, 2003

Oil pastell and pencil on paper, 60" x 60" (174 cm x 174 cm)

Drawing for Cape Breton Shield, 2006

Pencil on paper, 48" x 96" (118 cm x 235 cm), steel frame

Drawing for Black Shield, 2006

Pencil on paper, 96" x 48" (235 cm x 118 cm), steel frame

The Cape Breton Shield, 2005

Red Cape Breton Marble; 48” x 60” x 10” (122 x 150 x 25 cm);

Marble Cube; 24” x 24” x 24” (60 x 60 x 60 cm)

The Black Shield, 2006

Bronze 68” x 54” x 28” (172 x 137 x 70 cm)

Facing the Sky, (Masks) 2001 (1/8)

3 elements, bronze patinated,

each app. 20” x 12” x 7”; (50 x 30 x 18 cm)

mounted to the wall higher than eye-level

Canadian-based sculptor Vanessa Paschakarnis has received critical acclaim for her bold abstract imagery and sensitive treatment of materials. Although inanimate objects, the artist's work clearly calls to mind the presence of an individual; forms such as her shields symbolically refer to protective devices yet physically reflect the fact that they are human, rather than machine made. The simplicity of Paschakarnis' forms suggests often impersonal, objects of contemporary life. As a result viewers are confronted with imagery that seems at once ancient and new. Born and trained in Germany, Paschakarnis received her MFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax. She currently serves as Assistant Professor of Sculpture at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas."

Joseph Antenucci Becherer, Director;

Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park


[Fotos: Courtesy of Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park und Vanessa Paschakarnis]

Zeichnung fuer Celestial Bell, 2003 (Himmelsglocke):

Ölpastell und Bleistift auf Papier, 174 cm x 174 cm

Zeichnung für Cape Breton Shield, 2006 (Cape Breton Schild):

Bleistift auf Papier, 118 cm x 235 cm

Zeichnung für Black Shield, 2006 (Schwarzes Schild):

Bleistift auf Papier, 235 cm x 118 cm

The Cape Breton Shield, (Das Cape Breton Schild), 2005:

Roter Marmor von Cape Breton, 122 cm x 150 cm x 25cm;

Marmor Kubus, 60 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm

The Black Shield, (Das Schwarze Schild), 2006:

Bronze, 172 cm x 137 cm x 70cm

Facing the Sky (Masks), 2001 (1/8):/ In den Himmel blicken (Masken), 2001 (1/8)

3 Teile, patinierte Bronze, jede ca. 50 cm x 30 cm x 18 cm; etwas über Augenhöhe an der Wand angebracht

Blue Moon, 2010 was exhibited at Sculpture Today: New Forces, New Forms; 2011/2012 at the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
Vanessa with her "Bestia Romana", 2009
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