"Vulnerable", 2021 - new sculpture finished in two different types of marble! Click on image for more info.


This luscious, large-scale Bronze sculpture is now on view as part of an installation of works by female contemporary artists in the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Canada. On view from April 2021 onwards...

 Kleiner Nachtfalter, 2021 (schwarzer Marmor), Privatsammlung Deutschland

Two new portfolios of selected work are now available online! Click on the image to look at them online. Feedback is welcome!

This is the new online magazine for Intercontinental Sculpture!


Please click on the image to be re-directed to the online version of the magazine.

It is full of interesting articles like the Installation of The Siren's Calling in Halifax, features of my work and that of John Greer, the studio in Italy and a foundry visit in upstate New York.

Enjoy reading!


Vanessa is exhibiting some very new work as part of this established sculpture in stone only exhibition in England:

Snapshots of a new Horned Creature on a stele type base with Bronze Horns!

Exhibition with Hignell Gallery Summer of 2019:


Renaturing Nature at Hignell Gallery in London, England.

The oututdoor sculpture of the Renaturing Nature exhibition can be found in St James's Square between the 21st June- 21st July, 2019 The indoor sculpture is in Hignell Gallery, Mayfair on exhibition until fall 2019.


Vanessa Paschakarnis

Kate MccGwire

Peter Randall-Page RA

Sophie Ryder 

Joana Vasconcelos

Vanessa Paschakarnis and her husband, artist John Greer, at the opening at Hignell Gallery with one of her pieces, Crane Fly, 2015.

Image by Meike Brunkhorst

My Erdschnaken / Crane Flies 2015 and Capricornos 2017 will be part of the exhibition at Hignell Gallery and St. James Square. 

True Love, 2019 

Plaster for Bronze - is a new sculpture by Vanessa!

Mystical Skies, 2019                   Photoworks printed on dibond... 

Vanessa in her new Studio in Pietrasanta, Italy above with large scale drawings, below making her "True Love", 2019.

  Vanessa's work in the exhibition Paradisi

  Paradisi 2019    Group exhibition at Kunstverein Baden near Vienna, Austria

Vanessa taking photos of her work in Paradisi - Kunstverein Baden, Austria:

Nice spread in an article about " on form 18 " in the London Sunday Times Magazine. In the foreground to the right my Capricorno 1

Full article here.


Posterchild for more articles and postcards available at on form 18! My Capricornos have a centreal place in the garden of Asthall Manor from June 10th to July 8th, 2018! See article here.

on form 18 .    June 9th - July 8th, 2018

Large biennial exhibition at Asthall Manor near Oxford, England, featuring only sculpture in stone by 40 artists from the UK and abroad. Vanessa Paschakarnis is the first time in the mix with her Capricornos 1 + 2, Reaching, Falena, Moth, Black Moth and Horse Head. See images of the exhibiton here.

My "Bestia Romana" on the cover of billie, the magazine of the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in Fredericton, NB, Canada. Feature article / interview inside: 

(see button below for link)

"The Rule of Law is a Reflection of Us All" by John Greer is another project that was successfully realized by Intercontinental Sculpture Inc., a company co-owned by Vanessa and John.

Unveiling for this new monument in the McMurtry Gardens of Justice in downtown Toronto was in October 2017. Vanessa did the Project Management. Fabrication was in Italy by Mauro Fracassini: Mauro Marmi Inc.

Vanessa attended the unveiling of the Canadian Building Trades Monument by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on May 16th, 2017 as Co-Owner of Intercontinental Sculpture Inc.

She was responsible for the Project Management for this succesful monument at the sides of John Greer and Duncan Patterson, who was the representing architect of MacKay Lyons Sweetapple Inc.

Interview with CBC News for the Evening News!  images below...

Shadows for Humans, 2003/04 Marble



Shine a Light: Canadian Biennial 2014

17 Oct 2014 - 08 Mar 2015

Contemporary Art Galleries


The exhibition Shine a Light highlights a selection of recent acquisitions to the National Gallery of Canada’s Canadian Contemporary, Indigenous and Photography holdings. It showcases some of the best and most innovative works being made today in a variety – and often combination of – media, from video and film to drawing and painting, photography to sculpture and installation. It reveals the unique ways contemporary Canadian artists are responding to the larger social and political state of the world through their art and how they are choosing interdisciplinary modes of self-expression that transcend traditional categories, materials and genres. The exhibition takes the pulse of contemporary art production in Canada as it becomes part of our national art history.



NOVEMBER 8th: Meet the Expert series. I will be giving a short presentation at the National Gallery of Canada.

2013. The National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa, Ontario, purchases the work in three parts: Shadows for Humans by Vanessa Paschakarnis for their collection.

Die Nationalgalerie von Kanada in Ottawa, Ontario kauft die dreiteilige Arbeit Shadows for Humans fuer ihre Sammlung.


2009. Blickachsen 7, Bad Homburg, Germany.

Vanessa wins the Best Young Artist Award. Vanessa gewinnt den Foerderpreis fuer die beste Nachwuchskuenstlerin.

Blickachsen 7, 17. Mai - 4.Oktober 2009


Blue Moon, 2010 was exhibited at Sculpture Today: New Forces, New Forms; 2011/2012 at the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
Vanessa with her "Bestia Romana", 2009
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